Vishay是世界上最大的光电元件制造商,Vishay提供完整的光学产品包括红外线接收器, 发射器, IrDA 收发器, 光耦合器, 固态继电器, 触摸面板.可视 LEDs, 光学传感器, 光探测器,等离子显示器以及7段显示器.

Global leader with a very broad selection of packages and functions
Optical Sensors
Reflective and interrupter sensors in through-hole and surface-mount packages
7-Segment Displays
Providing multiple colors, intensities, and sizes to meet all application requirements
Infrared Receivers
Market leader in remote control receivers for consumer electronics
Solid-State Relays
Leader in SSR for telecommunications industry
LCD Displays
Broad range of passive LCD products, offering standard and custom display applications
Visible LEDs
Ultra-bright and very small surface-mount packages, with products available in all colors including white
Infrared Emitters
High-power emitters with low forward voltages in through-hole and surface-mount packages
Plasma Displays
World Leader in DC plasma production and custom display technology
Photo Detectors
Broadest selection of PIN photodiodes and phototransistors for detecting infrared and visible light
IrDA Transceivers
Low-profile transceivers supporting data rates of 115 kbit/s and 4 Mbit/s
Infrared Touch Panels
Industry leader in infrared touch panel solutions and custom integrations


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